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LIFE Nature Integrated Projects meet up

No fewer than 80 project coordinators and experts from European nature projects signed up for a three-day meeting in the spirit of knowledge exchange. All these nature projects have one common denominator: Integrated Projects from the European LIFE programme. The aim of this programme is to support the realisation of Natura 2000. (...)

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Optimization of a degraded raised bog
Debushing and rewetting of an area in the SAC ‘Emsdettener Venn’

The nature reserve ‘Emsdettener Venn’ (ST-047) has a size of approximately 340 hectares and became a nature reserve in 1941. Extending west of the City of Emsdetten, it represents the remains of a formerly intact raised bog and is one of the oldest nature reserves in the district of Steinfurt. Due to peat cutting and drainage in the past centuries, large parts have fallen dry. (...)

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