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Stefanie Luka, Janine Ruffer, Oliver Richter and Kristof Meyn (from left to right) in the project area ‘Bugker Sahara’

Stefanie Luka, Janine Ruffer, Oliver Richter and Kristof Meyn (from left to right) in the project area ‘Bugker Sahara’ © NLWKN

Visit to the project ‘LIFE Trockenrasen’ in Brandenburg

On 23 September 2020, Kristof Meyn from the LIFE IP team at NLWKN, together with project partner Oliver Richter from the Lower Saxony State Forestry, visited colleagues in Brandenburg. Janine Ruffer and Stefanie Luka are part of the project team ‘LIFE Trockenrasen’ at the Brandenburg Nature Conservation Fund. They presented areas where they have already successfully restored sand habitats. The ‘Bugker Sahara’ project area was particularly impressive and interesting: Three hectares of pine forest were converted back into an open sand habitat as part of the predecessor project ‘LIFE Sandrasen’. Rare animal and plant species can thus now return, such as the fragrant scabious (Scabiosa canescens) whose flowers shone as much as the sun during the excursion.

Janine Ruffer and Stefanie Luka shared their experiences from the project implementation and gave valuable tips and hints that Oliver Richter and Kristof Meyn can put into practice right away. In autumn 2020, works will start in the nature reserve ‘Lüneburger Heide’: In the area of the Sellhorn forestry office, an inland dune area in the forest is to be cleared. Just as in the ‘Bugker Sahara’, the excavated humic topsoil shall not be removed from the forest in a resources-consuming way, but instead be ‘lowered’: This involves digging a depression using an excavator, then placing the topsoil in it and covering it with sand. This creates a structure that blends perfectly into the naturally existing dune relief. The two colleagues from the LIFE IP learned on site what needs to be considered for the implementation of this action.

Kristof Meyn and Oliver Richter thank the Brandenburg colleagues very much for this interesting exchange of experiences which will be continued during the return visit at the latest.

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