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Further training for nature conservationists in the district government of Münster

On 26th February, about 25 employees from the Biological Stations, lower nature conservation authorities, nature conservation associations and research institutions met in the district government of Münster to discuss chances and problems regarding the renaturation of heath ponds. The LIFE IP team ‘Atlantic Region DE’ had invited colleagues and implementation partners from North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony to this expert seminar. As lecturers, Dr. Eva Remke and Dr. Emiel Brouwer from the B-ware research centre of the University of Nijmegen reported on the experiences of their long-term research work. After an introduction to the ecology of heath ponds, they explained the relevant biogeochemical processes that should be taken into account when renaturing nutrient-poor still waters. On the basis of numerous case studies, the problems involved in implementation were discussed and solutions were jointly developed.

Two weeks earlier, the technical seminar had already been successfully held. Due to the high demand, the event was offered again yesterday. Thus, a total of 50 employees in active nature conservation from the entire project area between Heinsberg and Cuxhaven could be trained further. Since many of the participants are managing corresponding nature reserves, the newly acquired knowledge can be directly put into practice.

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