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Group of people visit the Klamthouse Heide

Dune renaturation in the border park ‘Klamthoutse Heide’ © Christian Michalczyk (BUE Hamburg)

Natura 2000 – Third Atlantic Biogeo­graphic Seminar in Antwerp

From the 12th to the 14th of June, the third biogeographic seminar of the Atlantic region was held in Antwerp. The seminar took place under lively international participation, amongst them Tim-Martin Wertebach (LANUV NRW) as representative of the LIFE IP ‘Atlantic Region DE’. The biogeographical process was launched by the European Commission in 2011 to support the implementation of the Natura 2000 objectives at a higher spatial level. The seminars are designed to promote the exchange of knowledge and communication between the member states of the Atlantic region and to strengthen the networking of stakeholders. To this end, common challenges are identified and discussed in a workshop atmosphere.

Four parallel sessions were held during this year's seminar to give an overview of the topical issues of high relevance to the Natura 2000 process in the Atlantic region:

  • Protection and conservation of meadow birds
  • Integrated approaches to avoid nitrogen inputs in Natura 2000 sites
  • Improved conservation status in Natura 2000 sites through integrated management
  • Communication and stakeholder participation in Natura 2000

On the evening of the second day, the LIFE IP Atlantic Region DE was presented in the framework of a knowledge market with a poster contribution. There were many possibilities to highlight the project against the background of the Natura 2000 goals and to discuss it with other participants. The focus was on the superordinate strategic goals and the political framework conditions.

An excursion to the border park ‘Klamthoutse Heide’ provided insights into the cross-border cooperation between the Netherlands and Belgium. Among other things, a joint program for the extensive renaturation of inland dunes by means of clearing and a technical approach to the preservation of a large oligotrophic water body (De Groote Meer) were presented.

The results of the Atlantic seminar serve to revise the roadmap for the successful implementation of Natura 2000 in the Atlantic region.

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