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Networking Meeting of the LIFE Integrated Projects in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands

On the 27th and 28th May 2019, 14 staff members of the three LIFE Integrated Projects in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands met for sharing information.

On the first day, after introductions and getting acquainted with each other, the project managers of the German ‘Atlantic Region DE’, the ‘Belgian Nature Integrated Project’ and the Dutch ‘LIFE IP Delta Nature’ presented more detailed information on each of their projects: the objectives, partners involved, locations and manner in which the IPs are governed, including communication, monitoring, financial management and management of complementary actions. The participants shared dilemma’s and experiences on the following themes, which were discussed in more depth:

  • Project management, monitoring and reporting
  • Cooperation, capacity building and raising awareness within the project
  • Raising awareness and cooperation with other stakeholders and the general public.

On the second day, the plans for the platform meeting for LIFE Integrated Projects in Europe which is being organized by the BNIP and will be held in Brussels were shared. Several suggestions for possible workshops were made.

The participants then broke up in different groups to discuss the following issues:

  • How can the governance of nature be improved?
  • What are experiences with transboundary cooperation?
  • What is the approach regarding complementary actions and mobilizing complementary funding?
  • What is the approach of the PAF in each country/region?

It was good to get to know each other and each other’s projects. During the two days, several common challenges as well as differences were noted, and suggestions and ideas were exchanged.

As a follow-up, the participants agreed to meet again in spring 2020, to address more concrete common topics in which cooperation of the projects may be possible. 

The meeting concluded with a very inspiring field visit to one of the action sites of the LIFE IP ‘Atlantic Region DE’: the nature reserve ‘Heidemoore’ in the district of Viersen where the participants received a guided tour, arranged by the German partners, the Biological Station Krickenbecker Seen.

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