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Gruppenfoto mit EU-LIFE Fahne

Rosemarie Hingsamer (third from right), Ruth Brauner (second from left) and Lars Borrass (fifth from left) convinced themselves of the progress of action C17 in the ‚Ohligser Heide‘ together with the LIFE IP team and the project partners on site. © Bezirksregierung Münster

Fourth monitoring visit of the EU Commission

On 5th and 6th November, the already fourth visit of the EU monitoring team NEEMO took place. This time, the technical part – from the presentation of the project and the status of implementation to the review of expenditures and financial tables – was carried out in the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Environment (MULNV) in Düsseldorf. Ruth Brauner, Lars Borrass and Jan Vančura from NEEMO were accompanied by Rosemarie Hingsamer who recently became the Commission's representative for the LIFE IP ‘Atlantic Region DE’. In this context, project progress and finances were examined thoroughly again. Another focus of the meeting was the drafting of the application for the second phase of the project which will begin in April 2019.


The final wood clearing works in the area could still be observed during the excursion. © Bezirksregierung Münster

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The representatives of the European Commission were visibly satisfied with the progress of the LIFE IP. On the second day, by way of example they inspected action C17 in an excursion to the ‘Ohligser Heide’ in Solingen. There, the project partners on site – Dr. Jan Boomers (Managing Director of the Biological Station ‘Mittlere Wupper’), Claudia Wackerl (Department Manager of the Lower Nature Conservation Authority of the City of Solingen) and Markus Schlösser (Department Manager ‘Forest and Landscape’ of the City of Solingen) – presented the works taking place on five sites with a total size of 4.4 hectares. The aim is to improve the conservation status in particular of the habitat types ‘Northern Atlantic wet heaths with Erica tetralix’ (4010) and ‘bog woodland’ (91D0). While the wood clearing in the area is now largely completed, the nutrient-rich topsoil will be removed next summer to allow for heathland development.

Mehrere Menschen stehen um eine Karte herum und zeigen darauf

Forest ranger Markus Schlösser, Claudia Wackerl of the Lower Nature Conservation Authority of the City of Solingen and Dr. Jan Boomers of the Biological Station ‚Mittlere Wupper‘ explained the measures taking place in the ‚Ohligser Heide‘ to Rosemarie Hingsamer (EU Commission), Dr. Sebastian Schmidt (Bezirksregierung Münster), Tom Kutter (NLWKN) and Ingrid Rudolph (MULNV) (from left to right). © Bezirksregierung Münster

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