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LIFE IP team attends the "LIFE15 Integrated Projects PLATFORM" meeting in Finland

From 7th until 9th February 2017, the first meeting of the LIFE Integrated Projects Platform took place in Helsinki, Lohja and selected places at the Karjaanjoki River in Finland. A total of 97 participants from all over the European Union represented the ongoing 15 LIFE Integrated Projects. On the first day the representatives of the European Commission and the Monitoring Teams presented themselves and general aspects of Integrated LIFE Projects. After a short presentation of all approved projects the issues discussed during the second day of the meeting referred to financial matters and the dissemination practices of the ongoing projects and allowed for the direct exchange with the representatives of the EU Commission. The identification and coordination of complementary actions was also discussed.  During the second day the project sites of the Finnish FRESHABBIT IP were visited, and the participants had the opportunity to get informed about the measures taken at the Lake Vanjarvi, the improved use of the River Karjaanjoki for recreation and environmental tourism and the creation of a local fish pass at the River Vihtijoki.

The LIFE IP team was represented by Dr Sebastian Schmidt (District Government of Münster), Dr Stefan Heitefuss (Ministry of Environment of Lower Saxony, MU), Gisela Wicke and Dr Hans-Georg Wagner (both from the Lower Saxony Water Management, Coastal Defence and Nature Conservation Agency, NLWKN) and Ralf Schlüter (State Agency for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection, LANUV in North Rhine-Westphalia).

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