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Protected species and habitat types

In focus
Protected Species

Ten wildlife and plant species are particularly in the focus of the LIFE Integrated Project "Atlantic Region DE". For these species, habitats are created or optimized. The species profiles below provide insight into the characteristics of each species.

The number given in brackets in each heading refers to the EU code for the species according to the Habitats Directive.

Große Moosjungfer (Leucorrhinia pectoralis)

Leucorrhinia pectoralis (1042)

Yellow-spotted Whiteface

Species profile

Kammmolch (Triturus cristatus)

Triturus cristatus (1166)

Crested newt

Species profile

Knoblauchkröte (Pelobates fuscus)

Pelobates fuscus (1197)

Common Spadefoot

Species profile

Kreuzkröte (Bufo calamita)

Bufo calamita (1202)

Natterjack Toad

Species profile

Europäischer Laubfrosch (Hyla arborea)

Hyla arborea (1203)

European Tree Frog

Species profile

Kleiner Wasserfrosch (Pelophylax lessonae)

Pelophylax lessonae (1207)

Pool Frog

Species profile

Moorfrosch (Rana arvalis)

Rana arvalis (1214)

Moor Frog

Species profile

Zauneidechse (Lacerta agilis)

Lacerta agilis (1261)

Sand Lizard

Species profile

Schlingnatter (Coronella austriaca)

Coronella austriaca (1283)

Smooth Snake

Species profile

Froschkraut (Luronium natans)

Luronium natans (1831)

Floating Water-Plantain

Species profile

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